Mutual attestation of intel sgx

Posted by The ZEn OF SeCuriTy on May 31, 2022


A decade ago, The cambrian explosion of secure enclaves spawned a hot research direction in the field of computer security, or to be more specific, applied crpyto and clound computing. The magic of secure enclaves, such as Intel SGX, is that they maintain an encrypted and isolated memory block to support confidential computation. It guarantees that even the owner of the platform which is running the program in the Intel SGX is incapable to get any information about the data in the memory. Unsurprisingly,the most fascinating property of secure enclaves is that they can compute on plain data while preserving the confidentiality of data, which implies a significant performance improvement. Getting rid of heavy cryptographic computation promising a bright future in applying previously impractical crpytograhpy primitives. And as expected, tons of research papers got publiched flahship conferences such as CCS, Security, S&P, et al.